Velociraptor 4x4 Emblem

This custom Velociraptor 4x4 emblem was cut from our Brushed Aluminum and Black Composite material. Using this automotive grade composite material we are able to cut away a thin top layer revealing your second choice color underneath. This creates a seamless, uniform look with a slim, flexible profile. 

Choose from a variety of metals and finishes including brushed and textured aluminum, gold, and copper with colors in black, red, blue, silver, and gold. Design your own Custom Composite Emblem here

This example measures 4.75” x 3.5”. 

Velociraptor 4x4 Emblem
Brushed Aluminum Velociraptor 4x4 Emblem
Velociraptor 4x4 Emblem Tape
Velociraptor 4x4 Emblem Set
Velociraptor 4x4 Emblem Closeup

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