YF077 Mirror Polish
Trans Am Sunset Orange Metallic WS6 Under Hood Mirror Kit
SOM WS6 Under Hood Polished Stainless Mirror Kit
Trans Am WS6 Under Hood Mirror Kit Installed

98-02 Trans Am WS6 Under Hood Stainless Mirror Kit


The perfect attention grabber. These under hood mirrors will definitely take you to the next level at car shows.

The mirrors are curved to follow the contours of the hood; something most other companies don't bother to do and something you can't do with glass or acrylic. They are made of the best laser cut mirror polished 100% stainless steel. They won't discolor, fade, or crack like cheap acrylic (plastic) or heavy glass. The stainless mirrors are held to the hood by your choice of heavy duty 3M Dual-Lock or 3M Automotive tape (select from the right side drop down menu). We recommend 3M Dual-Lock for ease of cleaning & removal if your car is a daily driver and 3M tape for the flushest fit.

Includes instructions and all 8 pieces as shown in the pictures above.

Will only fit 1998 - 2002 Trans Am WS6 hoods.