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What our customers have to say:

"I ordered and received yesterday your stainless power steering reservoir cover for my 2001 Pontiac firebird Transam. I just want you to know that this piece is a true work of art. I could not believe the quality. It really adds to the engine bay of my car which I mostly take to car shows. I think I may be the only one in Tulsa with one. Finally an all AMERICAN company with dedicated quality CRAFTSMEN. Keep it up."

-John B.
Tulsa, OK

Aj's 2006 Corvette C6

"THAT'S UNBELIEVABLE. Both photos look awesome. I can't wait. I think you did a fantastic job. You have been great to deal with. I greatly appreciate you time, knowledge and workmanship to make this happen. You have shown me your desire to make my wish become reality. I will be buying more from you very soon. I still want to do an alternator cover, so that may be next. Thanks a bunch."

-Mike L.
Greenwell Springs, LA

John's 2008 Corvette C6

"OMG these things look so damn good. The polished traction control piece looks bad ass!! The thing reflects the decal I have on the battery cover I am so impressed with the sail panels and now the traction control piece. I knew this would make me change to your stainless with the etching for my engine, Just got to come up with a plan on what to get next. Thanks!!"

-Mike M.
Fredericksburg, VA

Glenn's 2008 Corvette C6

Specialized Stainless covers throughout strategically provide a disciplined amount of bling, waking up an otherwise pedestrian-looking engine bay."

-Nick L.
Camaro Performers Magazine. June 2008, Page 44

Mike's 2005 Corvette C6

I received everything and it looks awesome the pics on your site don't do this stuff justice!!! Thanks again."

-Steve W.
Las Vegas, NV

Robbie's 2002 Trans Am WS6

"I just got done reading your article in Camaro Performers... Ha! as I am typing this my wife comes back inside with my custom etched tb plate (mail just came) very AWESOME! Great job!! Even better looking in my hands than in the pics. I took it to work and showed it off tonight too. I also want to commend you on your professionalism and attention to detail at such a young age. That today is very rare. I would have never guessed it but I did see it in the article. Thanks again!"

-Jack R.
Archer, FL

Carri's 1997 Camaro Z28

"Recieved my Ebony leather wrap kit in under a week after ordering. Great looking product. Leather is darker than in the example pics of it installed, which was something I was kinda wondering. It is also very soft & workable.

I'm very happy with the quality of material on not only this but all products I have bought from Steve. Keep up the good work man & I'll be spending more money with you."

-Mike M.
Tulsa, OK

Matt's 2000 Trans Am Firehawk

"The bolts from Specialized Stainless have been by far my favorite mod!! I cant wait to get some of those stainless covers!"

-Josh O.
Aiken, SC

Peter's 2002 Camaro Z28

"Hey Steve, I got the sail panels on Saturday and they are so sweet. I vhted them but I think I will go ahead with powder coating them like we were talking about. To everybody browsing his website, Specialized Stainless makes a great product Steve is nice to deal with and I got my products quick. Payed and sent Thursday received Saturday from California to New Jersey no less. Thanks again and I will be ordering more product when I figure out my plan for the engine bay."

-James C.
Trenton, NJ

Chad's 1999 Camaro Z28

"The quality is awesome. The cover looks great and I wasn't expecting the cover this fast since I just ordered it Friday. The cover is very well made and will look great at shows I go to. Thanks again and I'll order more soon."

-Gary H.
Russell, KY

Gary's 1995 Firebird Trans Am

"I was surprised to see pictures of my engine compartment on some of the different forums I belong to. It made me feel good to see it but now I wish I had sent you better pictures because it really looks much better than in the photos. Thanks again for some great products and the great service."

-John S.
Wichita Falls, TX

Dave's 2002 Trans Am WS6

"I ordered a couple of things from you guys including my fuel rail strips, the traction control box cover, and battery cover. All of your products are second to none! Superior quality and top notch service. What more could you ask for? Thanks for everything guys, you helped getting my baby one step closer to completion."

-Peter O.
Laredo, TX

BSF's 1998 Trans Am WS6

"I just got my order THIS THING IS AWWSOOOOM LOOKING!!! I am going to the shop to see what else I want done. I can no get over this you did a great job and I will find other stuff that I want you to do & people I know will want things done. I am getting sticker's done of the style you sent me with your company's name on them, I would be proud to put your company's name on my car after seeing the work you do. Thanks for the card's and sticker I will defiantly use them. I will be getting in touch with you for more stuff to be done again GREAT JOB!!! LOVE IT."

-Tom H.
Sandusky, OH

Mark's 1998 Camaro Z28

"You by far have the best customer service around. I've purchased all my stuff from you and I have had nothing but the best experience possible with you and your products! You make top notch stuff, which has won me numerous shows. I get compliments on it all the time. I will continue to be a loyal "Specialized Stainless" user and I look forward to doing more business with you soon (bolt kit). THANKS AGAIN!!!"

-Adam H.
East Amherst, NY

Jason's 2002 Camaro SS

Steve's 2001 Camaro SS

Anton's 1998 Camaro Z28

Luis' 2001 Camaro SS

Steve's 1994 Trans Am

Mike's 2002 Trans Am WS6

Jason's 2002 Trans Am WS6

Carlos' 1998 Firebird Formula

Tim's 2002 Trans Am

Scott's 2000 Trans Am

Keith's 2001 Camaro Z28

David's 2001 Granatelli Signature Series Camaro

Mike's 2001 Camaro Z28

Jim's 1999 Firebird Formula

Ceaser's 1995 Camaro Z28

Jonathon's 2002 Camaro SS

Matt's 2001 Trans Am WS6

Michael's 2000 Camaro Z28

Anthony's 1994 Camaro Z28

Mike's 2002 Firehawk

Justin's 2002 Camaro Z28

Josh's 2000 Camaro SS

Gerardo's 2002 Camaro Z28

Claude's 2002 Camaro Z28

Adrian's 1998 Camaro Z28

Trey's 1999 Camaro Z28

Ryan's 2001 Trans Am WS6

Ryan's 2000 Camaro 3800

Derrick's 2001 Camaro SS