Camaro & Firebird Intake Manifold Plate with LS1 Cutout
Camaro & Firebird Intake Manifold Plate Installed

01-02 Camaro / Firebird LS1/LS6 Intake Manifold Plate Cover


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Choose a blank intake manifold plate or one of our laser cut LS1 plates.

Style A: LS1 Cutout, Polished over Brushed.
Style B: LS1 Cutout, Brushed over Polished.
Style C: LS1 Cutout, Brushed over Brushed.
Style D: LS1 Cutout, Polished over Polished.

Made of stainless steel to stand up to high engine bay temps while offering the flushest fit possible. A subtle touch the judges are sure to notice! Simple installation, just peel the back off the included 3M Automotive tape and place plate on intake manifold.

*Will fit 2001-2002 F-body & LS6 intake manifolds. Will also fit 1998-2000 LS1 intake manifolds if you've removed the emission tube that usually attaches where this plate mounts.