Emblem FAQ

Q: What is your custom emblem process?
After you place your order, we will provide a life sized mock-up that you can print at home and tape to your car to see in person. We have a standard 7 business day turnaround and free shipping on most orders. Use our Gallery to help you decide what material, colors and/or font you want to use.

Q: How do I place an order?

Select Custom Emblems from the top menu. Click on the style emblem you wish to create (Stacked, Brushed Metal, Chrome, etc). Choose your Emblem Material and follow the prompts to build your custom emblem. When finished, click the Add to Cart button followed by the Checkout button. Fill out your billing/shipping details and complete payment; We accept all major credit or debit cards. If you don't understand the steps above don't fret! Fill out our Quote Form, email or call us. We can help you decide the best route for your emblem and even send you a custom pre-filled invoice that is ready for payment.

Q: Do you make custom emblems?
Yes! All of the emblems you see on our website were custom made.

Q: Do you have an order minimum?
There is no order minimum. We handle an order of 1 or 1,000 equally. Of course quantity discounts are available and listed on the respected product page.

Q: What are Premade Badges?
Premade badges are our most popular designs kept in stock for quick fulfillment. If you want to use a color that's not offered or modify the design of a Premade Badge you can place a custom emblem order or request a quote.

Q: How do I know what material to choose? What's the durability like?
A: All of our emblems are made from automotive grade, UV rated materials rated to at least 10+ year outdoor exposure. If you park in a garage or covered parking the emblems will most likely outlast your car. In order of ease of care from easiest (wipe with towel) to most work (microfiber with Novus #1 or wax) would be: Low Profile, Matte Acrylic, Chrome Acrylic, Solid Color Acrylic, Real Metal.

Q: Can you color match?
No, we can not color match. Even if we have your physical item in hand it is still difficult to color match. You're better off using a complementary color. Hint: use a color wheel and choose the color directly across from the one you would like to match.

Q: Are you emblems made from metal?
While we do offer real metal emblems, most of our custom emblems are made from Acrylic or composite plastic. Did you know the emblems that came on your new car are made from plastic as well? It's really the best material for the job. The only time we recommend real metal emblems is if you're building a classic car or Hotrod and money isn't an issue.

Q: How much is shipping? Do you ship Internationally?
Shipping is free in the USA for orders over $50. Orders under $50, expedited orders or international orders will be calculated during checkout. Shipping to Canada is around $15 and will be finalized before you confirm your order.

Q: Do you offer a warranty?
All of our emblems carry a 1 year warranty if purchased directly from Yoast Fabrication or an Authorized Dealer. Please see our Terms & Conditions for full agreement.