What type of artwork is best for a custom emblem or license plate frame?

The best file type for emblem or license plate frame artwork is a vector file. These are usually ready to go right into the CNC machine program. Common vector file types are AI, CDR, EPS, PDF. Make sure to weld any overlapping lines and convert your text to curves before exporting. If you don't know what a vector file is, see our explanation here.

A large black and white PDF, JPG or PNG file is the next best thing if a vector file is unavailable. If your design is basic text and you know the font used or if you're able to provide us with a clear example as seen in the image below, there should be no additional design fees necessary.

Here's a real world example, the photo below came through with a recent order. The main issue is the angle it was taken at but it has a lot working against it: blurry, multiple colors, small size.

The customer spent some time searching and found the image below. Even though it's pixelated, it is still a better image to work from than the previous photo. It's a drawn logo instead of a photograph and it's straight on instead of an angled view.

The image will still need to be redrawn to be usable. First we trace the inside of the logo using a line tool (seen as the red outline below).

Then we add a contour to thicken the vector line.

We then trim the contour to match the original logo. This will be top layer of the emblem.

Next we design the background that will be the bottom layer of the emblem.

Finally we combine the layers, set the finial dimensions and provide you with a render of your emblem that you can print to actual size. This lets you see how it will fit on your vehicle before giving us final approval for fabrication. Order your custom emblem here.

Finished emblem after a few more design revisions.

finished emblem

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