What do you mean Vector file?

This is one of the most common questions about emblem design. You have a great idea for an emblem but you don't have a vector file or even know what a vector file is. Don't worry, we can help you with our Emblem Design Service or you can try to find a black and white image that may also work. Common vector file types are AI, CDR, EPS, PDF. Make sure to convert text to curves before exporting.

Below is an example of a JPG image that was provided to us to make an emblem.

When zoomed in 600% you can see the individual pixels and how it's not a solid color but actually different shades of grey. If we were to send this to the CNC machine, it would treat each individual color as a separate layer. The cut path would then follow the square pixels and you would get a terrible finish.

This is a the same image after we redraw it as a vector image and zoom in 600%... You can see how crisp and clean the edges are. We can resize this to any dimension and it will always stay the same.

The red and blue dots in the raw vector file below are called nodes. These make up the individual lines and curves that the CNC machine will read. Nodes can be edited to any shape.

Now that you know what a vector file is, see how we take this info and make an emblem out of it. NEXT>>

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