How many individual pieces is your emblem made from?

When you order an emblem with two or more layers, we will ask how many individual pieces your emblem is made from. As the piece count increases, so does the labor it takes to make the emblem. We estimate each piece adds 2 minutes of labor to the fabrication time. Using this, we know a 5 piece emblem will take 10 minutes to assemble while a 50 piece emblem will take 1 hour 40 minutes to assemble. They're both two layer emblems but one takes 10x more labor than the other.
To get your total piece count, add all individually cut pieces together. Include the backing layer as 1 piece. Emblems that use script font for text are counted as 1 piece as long as all the letters are connected. See our example counts below:
The emblem below uses 3 individually cut pieces.
3pc emblem
The emblem below uses 5 individually cut pieces.
5pc emblem
Even though these emblems below are different sizes, they all use 12 individually cut pieces.
12pc emblem
The emblem below uses 55 individually cut pieces.
55pc emblem
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