Different engraving styles for different materials.

Engraving is a great way to add detail and color to an otherwise plain emblem. You will have the option to add engraving during your emblem build. Each material requires a different engraving technique.

Composite materials are engraved through the top surface color, exposing the solid color below. Almost all composite materials are 2-color, meaning there's a surface color with different solid color below. Additional colors can be added using color vinyl material. The 402 emblem below uses brushed aluminum with black engraving and red vinyl.

composite engraving

Engraving is a great way to add small details to acrylic material. If the text or detail on your emblem is less than 3/8" tall or 1/8" thick, it becomes too fragile and engraving becomes the perfect solution. Engraving solid color acrylics is done from the front side and usually color filled with contrasting paint. We can leave the engravings unfilled for a subtle look as well.

solid color acrylic engraving

Color engraving is the perfect pairing to chrome or black chrome acrylic. Chrome acrylic is the only material where the engraving is done from the backside. This gives the added benefit of sealing the paint filled engraving between 3M tape and 1/8" thick UV resistant acrylic so it never peels or fades. Color engraving on chrome acrylic adds a pop of color that really stands out. Engraving on black chrome acrylic adds smokey subdued color.

chrome acrylic engraving

black chrome engraving

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