Custom Matte Black and Black Chrome R/T Emblem

This Custom Stacked Emblem combines a similar color scheme with opposite sheen. The background layer was cut from our Black Chrome Acrylic and layered  with a Matte Black Acrylic for its text. Each layer of a stacked emblem measures ⅛” thick for a total thickness of ¼”, creating a substantial 3D effect. The die cut 3M automotive tape on the back of each emblem makes for an easy peel and stick application. 

This example measures 6.5” x 2.75.

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custom r/t emblem matte black and chrome
close up of matte black emblem
matte black emblem reflection
custom emblem 3m tape diecut
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Just reaching out to see what one of your matte black and chrome 6.5”x2.75” R/T emblems costs.

Robert Tripp

Being a truck fanatic, my uncle has his eye on a personalized chrome decal to add some flair to his prized vehicle. He has been talking nonstop about wanting to add a customized touch, something that just says “his truck.” It makes sense, as you previously discussed how Custom Stacked Emblem mixes an opposing shine with a comparable color scheme.

Taylor Abrams

I need one of these how much!!!???? I know it says not to ask here for a quote but under vehicles you guys dont have Dodge only camaros


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