Custom Head Logo Silhouette Cut From Solid Acrylic

This custom mirrored silhouette logo was cut from our solid black acrylic. In this example you can see that we were able to stay true to the customer’s design by removing intricate cuts around the beard for a cool, one of a kind piece. The entire back surface of the emblem has been fitted with thin 3M automotive tape for a durable, and fixed application. 

This example measures 4” x 3”.

Black Silhouette Emblem
Intricate details cut from badge
Very small sliver cut from emblem
thin 3m tape applied
Solid black acrylic emblem


  • Dani

    I like the thanos badges how much would it cost to make two matte black ?

  • VIctor Alicea

    Can u make 2 head badges of hellboy need them for left and right fenders of a charger hellcat…. 856 993-2165

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