MP400 manual welding positioner with steel welding table and torch holder.
MP400 machined and knurled drive shaft.
MP400 with torch holder bracket and mounting slots.
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MP400 Manual Welding Positioner


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*NEW FOR 2019: Full size 3/4" solid stainless driveshaft with oversized bearing.

This is our original design bench top MANUAL welding positioner. It features a precision fit bearing that allows you to smoothly rotate the table using only your fingers. Simply reach inside the base and spin the knurled drive shaft. The momentum of the 1/2" thick solid steel table makes it easy to keep a steady pace. Rotates in either direction as slow or fast as needed; slow down or speed up as conditions warrant.

The base is slotted on the bottom and side for securely mounting to a workbench in multiple positions. It has a durable hammertone silver powder coat finish. On the bottom is a raw strip of steel for grounding to a welding table. Or you can connect your welding ground cable directly to the provided reversible grounding lug. The 1/2" thick steel table top is 6-3/4" in diameter, and has concentric rings engraved 1/4" apart to help center your workpiece.

If you're not autogenous welding your parts (welding without filler metal) then you'll need your other hand to add filler rod. Attach the optional TIG torch holder to free up your hand and get even better looking welds. Perfect for repeatable production work!

Our positioner weighs only 8lbs, has a 4" x 4" footprint, yet a capacity of 100lbs horizontally balanced.

View videos below to get a better idea of how to use.

Capacity: 100LBS properly balanced with table in horizontal position.
Table Speed: Manual.
Power Requirement: None.
Table Diameter: 6-3/4" diameter x 1/2" thick steel table top with concentric grooves every 1/4".
Table Rotation: Clockwise-Counter Clockwise, controlled by hand.
Welding Current Grounding Circuit: 300 Amps @ 50% duty cycle.
Dimensions: 4" x 4" x 6"
Construction: Heavy duty steel construction and stainless steel fasteners. Powder Coat exterior.
Shipping Weight: 10 pounds.
1 year.
Made in the USA:

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Kenny the inventor
Simple but effective

The MP400 Manual Welding Positioner is a simple device that allows you to make consistent welds on anything with a circular shape. I needed to make repeated welds on a half moon shaped part and it fits the bill. It is well made and clever.

Expo Dynamo

What a great piece of kit, the torch holder is a work of art. Thanks guys