How custom stacked badges are made.

Our stacked emblems are the most labor intensive badge style that we currently offer. As you can see in the steps below there is a lot of hand assembly that takes place during fabrication.

First we design the emblem then cut it out on the CNC machine.The green outline will be used as an alignment template. The black outline is the emblem's background layer and the red outline is the emblems black chrome top layer.

We cut the backing which happens to be black acrylic here. Then we cut black chrome we're using as the top layer. Both layers have 3M tape applied to the back and protective film on the front.

Next we temporarily tape the textured black alignment template to the gloss black background layer. Then prepare the top layer pieces by peeling the transfer tape off the backside.

Now it's time to carefully insert the top layer pieces into the alignment template, one by one.

Finally it's time to peel the protective layer off the black chrome pieces and remove the alignment template.

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