Emblem layers explained.

Most of the custom emblems we make are 1 or 2 layers although we've gone up to 5 layers for a customer. If you're looking for a low profile, subtle emblem, stick with single layer emblems. Adding a second layer is an easy way to make a statement or add the finishing touch to your show car. Any way you design it, adding layers will always add more depth for a unique 3D profile.
The four emblems below are all single layer emblems. Color engraving and vinyl color do not add layers for our purpose.
The head silhouette is cut from a single piece of 1/8" black acrylic.
We achieved a 3D look using gold color vinyl on a gloss black acrylic base that was designed using our Vivid and Racer font.
The Eco Racer emblem is engraved from our wood composite material.
The Braggin Lights is chrome acrylic with 3 color engraving (red, blue, black).
Single layer emblems
The next four emblems are all 2 layers with a total thickness of 1/4".
The orange Krush Limited Edition emblem uses black chrome acrylic bottom layer (with engraving) and orange acrylic top layer.
The First Performance TPI 350 emblem uses black acrylic for the bottom layer, white and red acrylic for the top layer. The manifold uses color engraving for the small details.
The Supercharged 281 fender emblems have a white acrylic bottom layer (with color engraving) and black acrylic top layer.
The Spinner emblem is made up of gloss black acrylic bottom layer and black chrome acrylic for the top design.
2 layer emblems
The emblem below uses FIVE layers for a total thickness of 5/8 inch! It was made before we offered matte black acrylic and I think some matte layers would help break up the layers and add depth.
#1 is the backing plate.
#2 is a duplicate of the first layer but the snow on the mountains is cutout to show the layer below.
#3 is a backing for the next to layers.
#4 is made up of the black squares, star and red Offroad Edition text.
#5 is the red acrylic 10, 10 numbers.
5 layer emblem
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Would like to get a wylie coyote fender emblems for my 2015 Ford F-150
Would like it to fit same size of original f-150 emblem location
Emblem now is 10.25in wide X 2in tall


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