Do I need to add Emblem Design to my order?

If your emblem needs design work we will let you know and send you a separate invoice. Design work varies in price from $15 to $120 but averages $30 and is a one time charge regardless of the number of emblems.
If you can pick one of our fonts from our Fonts Preview page that is a great start. Our fonts are clean and ready to be made into an emblem as is or added to other artwork. Using the RACER example below, there would be no additional charge for the plain text or adding a contour. There would be a $15 design fee to add the checkered flag to the contour RACER text.
racer emblem
race flag emblem
Here are three examples of clean black & white designs that would not need additional design work to turn into an emblem. The first is a logo, the second is clip art of a snake.
clean artwork
Now here's the same designs but a low quality black & white version. They look blurry and pixelated. These same designs that didn't require any extra work above would now take $30 worth of design work each to clean up into a usable file.
dirty artwork

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