Red Hellhound Composite Badges

Here is an example of our Custom Satin Brushed 2-Color Emblem. This Red Hellhound badge was made from our 1/16” thick, Composite Acrylic material. The automotive grade, UV rated material comes in a variety of color combinations to match your unique design. Each emblem is backed with clear, ultra thin 3M Automotive tape for a durable and easy application.  

This example measures 8” x 2.5, and shows the finely brushed red composite material with black engraving. 

Hellhound Badge
Red Hellhound Badge
Red & Black Hellhound Badge
Deep engraving badge


  • Angel Ceniceros

    Can you do Hell dog or hound for RT ?

  • Dominique Williams

    How much for 2 of the hellhound logo by themselves do they face the opposite way so i can have one on each side

  • Jared

    Can you make this but put SS instead of SRT for my camaro ? And if not can I buy a set of just the heads with no lettering ? Please email me I am Interested!

  • Chris

    For the hellram badge cam you mirror the badge so that it will face left. I want to put it on my grille.

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