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AP600 Bench Top Welding Positioner With Timer

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The AP600 is our newest original design bench top welding positioner. Use it to make welding round items, such as pipe fittings and exhaust components a breeze. It may also be used in any type of work that would benefit from an electrically powered rotary turn table. The AP600 positioner plugs into a standard 115V AC outlet, has variable speed control from 1/3 - 12 RPM and a 100 pound capacity.

The AP600 features a timer function unique to this model. The timer is very useful for evenly spaced intermittent welds, or when you need to start and stop from a certain point. The timer is set by rotating a selector knob to your desired timed setting. Depress & hold the foot pedal and the positioner will rotate for the chosen time. Release the foot pedal to reset the timer.

The driveline is powered by a heavy duty made in USA die cast gear box with solid steel gears. The drive shaft connection is made with a steel drive chain and held in place by a rigid double ball bearing block. The positioner comes standard with a made in USA foot pedal with on/off control. The motor control is also made in the USA and maintains constant torque through variable speeds. The AP600 adds directional control using a Forward/Reverse toggle switch.

Its 8" x 3/8" thick steel table comes standard and features concentric grooves every 1/2" to help in centering your work piece. The table comes with eight 1/4" wide slots and eight 1/4" diameter holes spaced 45 degrees apart to securely fasten your work piece. If you specialize in production welding, you will want to upgrade to our 3-jaw chuck option. It's auto centering, has reversible jaws, a capacity of 1/8" - 7" that quickly adjusts using removable levers; click HERE for more chuck info. Add it to your AP600 at a discounted price below.

The included fixture platform measures 9" x 12" and easily mounts to the side of the welding positioner. The fixture platform has many slots and holes to mount stops and other fixtures that help facilitate your work piece positioning. You may also use it to steady your hands when welding and/or mount the included torch holder. The fixture platform is made of steel and can be drilled & tapped to best suit your needs.

The AP600 comes standard with a durable silver hammertone powder coat finish, stainless steel fasteners throughout and a stainless backed Yofab logo for years of quality service. The base is slotted (8-1/2" x 3-5/8") for quick & easy mounting to a welding bench. Including the control box and fixture table, the AP600 is only 13"W x 20"L x 8"H. The control box is securely bolted to the positioner allowing it to overhang a table's edge to free up even more table space.

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